What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

Today, there are so many devices around us that are connected to the internet like mobile phones, routers, laptops, tablets, and millions of such smart devices like: dongle, CCTV, etc. These are all Internet-connected devices and the Internet of Things is a combination of all those devices which are connected to the Internet. Connecting any device to the Internet or to each other comes in the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is a very large network between devices and people that connects everyone to each other. When a device performs its user’s important tasks at the right time, for example, microwaves, sensors, and fitness bands all fall within the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things

Internet of things is where devices will automatically do the work of the user with the help of the internet. Till now the internet has proved to be very helpful for the people, but when we think how much technology can be taken forward with the help of internet and its connected devices so that many things can be done easily without any congestion, Inventing and working on such ideas is the Internet of things. Internet of Things is spread all around us and it is making the whole world smarter.

Internet of Things:
Like a lightbulb or fan that can be switched using the smartphone’s app, it is an IoT device. Today, the planning of smart cities is connecting sensors to every area, so that problems can be reduced and work can be made easier.

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