Virtual Reality

What is virtual reality ?

Virtual Reality:- It is an artificial environment of reality, we can also call it an artificial copy of reality. It is often built with software and used realistically. Many people think that virtual reality is used for entertainment and gaming but this is not true. Virtual reality is very useful in professional and technical fields.

Virtual reality

In the software field, it is used during cloud computing, when the user rents a service from cloud computing, the provider provides it with a virtual service that is useful in real. The provider makes several virtual changes to its services. More than one virtual conversion of the service can be done. So that the same service can be provided to more than one user at the same time. It is a virtual form of services used in real, hence it is also called virtual reality.

Virtual reality creates a real environment in the field of development which is very useful. It creates a real atmosphere in the field of education and training. The simplest example of virtual reality is a 3-D image and 3-D video.

Virtual reality tells a person a virtual experience of another part of the world. Where that person is also not present. While the person feels that they are part of the same virtual world, the reality is very different. Virtual reality is an environment created by computers that is very close to reality. Virtual reality has the potential to mutate technology. It can also be said that virtual reality is humanizing deadpan technology.

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